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Godrevy Sunburst

Porthmeor Silhouette

Trees and Turbine

Sky Breaking

Teasel Town

Warbling Reeds

Vivid Array

Translucent Beauty

Posy of Pinks

Bradwell Windmill

Tree at Sunset

Teasel Triplets

Bournemouth Seafront

Bournemouth Groyne

Wintery Scene

Wintery Morning

Unexpected Rainbow

Teasel Twins

Lakeside Reeds

Geese Crossing

Frosty Umbrellas

Frosty Leaves

Frosty Cobwebs

Frosty Catkins

Follow the Leader

Moody Skies

Repairing the Breach

Teasel Time

Yellow Grasses

Reflected Bluegrass


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