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Swans in the Mist

Swan Silhouette

Sunrise Reflection

Feathery Reeds

Strings of Tiny Pearls

Silhouetted Birds

Silhouetted Beauty

Plump Mallard

Oyster Catchers

Overtaken by Lichen

Nature’s Christmas Decorations

Lakeside Reeds

Green Beach Huts

Geese Crossing

Frosty Umbrellas

Frosty Leaves

Frosty Cobwebs

Frosty Catkins

Follow the Leader

Five Leaves

Ferris Wheel – Right Section

Ferris Wheel – Top Two Thirds

Ferris Wheel – Top Section

Ferris Wheel – Top Quarter

Abstract Ice

Cormorant Charging Station

Half Moon

Moody Skies

Glassy Waters

Grassy Droplets


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